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JAZZIANA                                  CROATICA

Jazz influenced with Croatian Ethno

Latest release "Rise after fall" is now available on all services worldwide!

Borna Sercar - drums
Vojkan Jocic - sax
Hrvoje Galler - piano
Elvis Penava - guitar


About Jazziana Croatica:

The ensemble was founded in 2009.
It aims to preserve ethno-influenced Croatian musical heritage and to impose new Croatian jazz “standards”. One of its goals is to produce an authentic sound characteristic for the region its members live in and create a recognizable Croatian brand.

The ensemble’s repertoire consists of original compositions and arrangements of well-known folk themes also often used in classical music (e.g. Pero Gotovac - Ero, Blagoje Bersa - Sunčana polja, Marjane, etc.).

Jazziana has performed throughout Croatia,
as well as abroad
(Croatian Music Festival in Vienna).

In May 2011, Jazziana won the most prestigious Croatian music award - Porin - for the best jazz composition, therewith confirming its quality and original style.

For all inquiries please contact:

NOTA BENE Records & Publishing
Draskoviceva 23, 10000 Zagreb


Email: [email protected]
Phone: ++ 385 (0)98 385692